Parlingo Idiomas

Parlingo Idiomas

The Pride and joy of my experience!

As someone who is passionate about education, I’ve always wanted to build a virtual classroom, and Parlingo helped me accomplish that goal.

I built Parlingo Idiomas a modern story board front page, with a variety of bells and whistles.  Their new website is as modern as the young professionals they teach foreign languages to.  But it wasn’t all marketing value.  The money they will save on printing costs by having their students do homework online instead of printing out the assignments will cover the cost of the website in just over one year.  The time saved by automating the grading some of those homework assignments will allow the instructors time to make better lesson plans and give more attention to students.  The time spent on his website by his students will be registered by Google and greatly improve the school’s search engine rankings.

For me, this website was really a home run when it comes to bringing all the elements of web strategy to one site.  Consequently, within weeks of finishing the Parlingo website, the language institute was able to secure contracts with two major corporations in Colombia who regularly hire bilingual employees.  Parlingo’s role with these two companies is to pre-qualify the language abilities of potential employees for bi-lingual positions.

View Parlingo live here (opens in a new tab)