With our quick site option, we can have a site up and running in 48 hours.

Our quick sites are a fast way to get a site up and running if you don’t have time.  Your name, logo, images, text and colors will replace those of the template with some customization to other features available.  While we prefer to take the time to build a system that focusses on your companies specific goals and existing workflow, sometimes a company needs a site quickly that can support other marketing strategies.  We can always evaluate your systems and make advanced customizations later.

What You Need…

Come prepared.  In order to have a site up and running on short notice, you need to come with content ready to go.  In a normal site build, we include assistance with content creation, but this is time consuming and we cannot guarantee a site in 48 hours if content, including photos or videos, are not included.


In order to complete the quick site process:

  1. You must already have a domain or be ready to buy one immediately.  No work starts until I have access to the domain.
  2. We will provide one year of hosting.  The site can be moved to your hosting whenever you’d like or you can stay on with our hosting at an additional annual fee.
  3. Only content that is included during signup will be ready within 48 hours.  We may try to help you with this, but you should come with an idea of what pages you want included and the information for those pages prepared.
  4. Have photos ready to go.
  5. Be available for contact.  We will need to have several meetings throughout the two day period.  Be prepared to have two meetings per day to make sure we are meeting your goals.
  6. 20% downpayment is required.
  7. After our initial meeting, a contract will be sent outlining the terms.  Our 48 hours begins once the contract has been signed.


Why Us?

There are other companies out there that produce decent websites in even less time.  We are performance driven.  Your website will be fast for both you and your users.  It will also be mobile friendly and search engine ready.

Feel free to take a look at our Elegant template.

In fact, we encourage you to compare it to your competitors using speed tools like GT Metrix and mobile tools such as Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.




The extreme template is full width, media rich, and intense.  This site is best for those targeting a younger, more tech-savvy audience.  It has a storyline approach, meaning it’s broken into section that attempt to sell the product on one page, but is not limited to one page. Price: $1,000.00    



The Elegant template is responsive and fluid, but controlled in its appearance.  The content stays cleanly in the center of the page and encourages click through by providing valuable options for your user.  This option is perfect for those who want to optimize performance while still maintaining a modern design.  You can preview the Elegant…



This site is our simplest and most affordable package.  It’s perfect for those with a less tech-savvy audience and those on a tight budget.  This is a standard website with a header, navigation menu, content area, sidebar, and footer. Price:  $500.00